How It Works

Next Door Kitchen is simple, easy to use, and entirely free to use! Whether you’re a home chef, and interested buyer, or a delivery driver, you can register on the Next Door Kitchen platform and instantly be welcomed into a world of flavour made by amateur chefs right from the comfort of their very own kitchens.

Kitchen Owners

Open your own business through the Next Door Kitchen platform and begin to sell your home-cooked meals to your fellow community members. Create your own custom menu, list the days of the week that you’ll offer your meals, and tell the world just who you really are. Tel...Read more


If you’re the type of person who always opts for take-away or pick-up instead of spending endless hours in the kitchen to feed your family – why not move away from the restaurant scene and instead, provide some support for your fellow community members with Next Door...Read more

Delivery Drivers

Did you know that you can earn money by becoming a delivery driver for Next Door Kitchen? Join our platform today and start delivering home-cooked meals made by your fellow community members, for your fellow community members. Set your own hours, choose your availabilit...Read more

About Us

Next Door Kitchen is a local, home-cooked food delivery service and platform. Specifically designed to help bring community members closer together, we focused on giving amateur local chefs the opportunity to share their love and priced for food with their neighbours.

Our Story

When we first began tossing around the idea for Next Door Kitchen, our main focus was on designing a platform that could engage community members and bring people together. At the same time, we also wanted to create a platform that would help to ensure that our communities could flourish and prosper.

In no time at all, Next Door Kitchen was born. Our goal was to provide community members with a platform that allowed them to sell the food that they make in their very own kitchens to others in their community, so that they could earn some extra income. We set out to provide endless flexibility with our platform, where kitchen owners and every individual local chef could create their own menus, establish their own availability, and cook with their favourite ingredients.

We wanted to ensure that the entire experience was completely personalized – and at the very top of our list, was making sure that the experience of our chefs, customers, and delivery drivers is enjoyable.


Seller/Kitchen Owner

Driver/Delivery Person

Download The Nextdoor Kitchen Mobile Application Today!

Are you ready to make dinner time easy? If you’re registered as a chef, a delivery driver, or a buyer with Next Door Kitchen, we encourage you to download our mobile app today! Not only can you instantly log into Next Door Kitchen to update your menu, to ask a question, or to place an order, but you can also receive instant push notifications to update you on the status of your order, new menu items added to your favourite chefs, and so much more.

And don’t forget, Next Door Kitchen is all about building communities. Don’t forget to log into your mobile application to leave reviews and comments, and to share your thoughts and recommendations for your fellow community members.

Remember, for your local chefs who are giving it their all with each and every dish, it’s always nice to pay it forward and give your fellow community member or neighbour some positive feedback.

After all, it might very be your nextdoor neighbour who is providing you and your family with a delicious home-cooked meal!

Click here to download the Next Door Kitchen mobile application!